Caring For Your Diamond Solitaire Ring

qxun Diamond Solitaire Ring

If you’re recently engaged or shopping for the perfect ring, you’ll have noticed you’re spoilt for platinum diamond solitaire ring choices and more. Few sites, however, tell you what to do with the ring once you have it, and how best to care for this treasured symbol of your relationship.

Settings can come loose easily, particularly on raised diamond settings for the traditional solitaire ring. Of course, general cleaning is always a good idea too, as not only do the body’s natural oils build up but you keep your hands busy daily. So how to go about it without causing damage?

Handling your ring.

Firstly, remember that all rings, especially solitaire rings, should be handled by the band not the stone. This prevents both body oil buildup on the stone and around the ring, but also prevents you from manhandling the stone incorrectly and knocking it out the setting. If you’ve opted for platinum or white gold, you won’t have issues with tarnishing, but a patina will build up over years of wear. It’s a lovely look and some people like it, but if you don’t a quick polish will restore the original shine. Remember that gold is softer the platinum and slightly easier to polish, but both are generally a cheap and quick thing to have done. Surprisingly, within a storage setting your diamond is the risk to the rest of your jewelry, not vice versa! The diamond can actually scratch other rings, metal and gems, so be sure to store it carefully and away from other jewelry, especially pearls- a soft bag is great for this purpose.

Day to Day wear.

Between shampoo and other beauty products, makeup, dust soap and household chemicals, your ring runs a gamut daily. It’s usually best to remove your rings before undertaking any task like this- but be sure to store it somewhere safe where it won’t be knocked down or lost by an errant child or kitty! Lifting, carrying and other strenuous tasks can knock settings loose. They can also chip diamonds. Remember, too, that you can scratch other surfaces [for example when lifting furniture] with your ring. In general, chemicals used in household cleaning should be avoided, especially chlorine. Wear gloves, or rather remove the ring, and be sure to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

Home cleaning.

A gentle yet effective soak for a diamond ring is a short soak in a bowl of 4 parts warm water to one part ammonia- no more than 10 minutes, though. You can use a very soft toothbrush over the ring and leave it to dry. It’s worth investing in a jewelry cloth, or at least a lint fee cloth, to dry and buff your jewelry, although a hairdryer can also be used on a low setting from a suitable distance. A mild dish soap can also be used, but check the ingredient list carefully for silicones which may cost and build up on the ring.

A little bit of preventative care and some general cleaning will keep your solitaire engagement ring looking fabulous for decades to come.

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