Suitable Vanity Cases

There are so many different sizes and types of vanity case available today that some women find it hard to find a suitable one for their needs. There certainly will be one but few women want one which is larger than absolutely necessary and so that is the problem they are sometimes faced with when deciding. The best vanity case for their specific needs however, may most easily be found by going online where they will have a far wider selection than any local store plus, the sites online will often state exactly what can fit in each as opposed to when they go to a store, the woman has to try and guess all that they can hold.

When vanity cases were first introduced they were designed to hold everything that a person may need but the very first ones were designed specifically for men with the first ones designed specifically for women were introduced many years later. The idea of the vanity case was that it could hold everything required for the owner to look good whilst travelling and so the men’s ones had an assortment of brushes for hair shoes and clothing plus of course colognes. This vanity case could then easily be kept aside from the other luggage making it easy to access on a long journey.

In the early Victorian period when the first vanity case was introduced, it was only men of wealth that could afford to travel and women rarely travelled but by the end of the Victorian period, more women of wealth were travelling and so vanity cases for women were introduced. These new cases were designed to hold all a woman’s makeup, hair and skin products and still be easily accessible.

The convenience which these vanity cases afforded meant that even when a woman returned home, they would still use their vanity cases. Other women that didn’t travel started to buy vanity cases anyway as they too found them convenient and so vanity cases, for women, were introduced which were specifically designed for use in bedrooms. The popularity of vanity cases among women sored and shortly after a multitude of different ones was available for a woman to choose from.

Today nearly every woman’s bedroom will have a vanity case of sorts, if it isn’t one specifically designed for the purpose, it will be a regular box converted for use as a vanity case as they provide practical convenience for almost every women’s makeup needs. The largest of the vanity cases specifically designed as vanity cases are those used by actresses. These are ones which are so large they need to have their own wheels and will often feature their own lights and mirrors becoming almost a mini dressing table. These though, although still referred to often as vanity cases are not for vanity but are in order for actresses to look their required part even in the most remote of places where no real dressing rooms are available.

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