Meditation today is something which is practiced by many people and those numbers of people are continuously growing. At one time meditation had been looked on as some kind of oriental religious practice but more recently it has been recognized as a genuine way of improving health and general well-being and it is that recognition which is causing the practice to become as popular as it now is.

Meditation experts say there are many different ways in which meditation can help you improve your health and well-being but whilst this may be true, only a handful have been scientifically tested to find their validity although many other tests are still underway. The tests which have so far been carried out have shown positive results with 6 main benefits of meditation being proven and these 6 points are: An increase in brain size, reduction of bad emotions, increased willpower, better ability to concentrate, lower blood pressure and an increase in happiness.

The increases in brain size have been found to be in three distinct regions of the brain, all of which can prove beneficial to a person’s well-being. A reduction in bad emotions can help to keep a person calmer and in more control of their actions which can assist them in achieving a better lifestyle. An increase in will-power can prove to have many beneficial health aspects especially if that increase in willpower can help a smoker to quit smoking or a drinker to quit alcohol or in fact help anyone to quit whatever may be a health hazard to them. Improvements in concentration and an ability to keep more focused can be particularly beneficial to students but can also be beneficial to others in their workstations. A lowering of blood pressure is something many seniors would like and so they too can benefit from meditation as well as the young students or middle-aged workers. Finally, an increase in happiness is something which we would all relish and the scientists actually came up with criteria to measure that happiness. When using the criteria they discovered that people who meditate, even for just a short period each day, show signs of being happier than those that don’t meditate at all.

With scientists continuing to do further tests and finding beneficial health results associated with meditation, the once thought of myth that meditation was beneficial to health is being busted and it is receiving a great deal of popularity. Another myth which is also being proven wrong is that people had thought that in order to get any benefits from meditation they would have to spend hours meditating each and every day. This apparently is not true as the tests revealed that meditating for as little as just 10 minutes each day can have beneficial results, especially if kept up for a prolonged period. Eight weeks of meditation though was enough to show the researchers a significant beneficial effect on those who meditated. As further tests are carried out if further benefits are found, meditation may continue to grow in popularity.

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