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qxun Men’s Suits

Some men think that as long as they wear a suit, they look good but that is not always the case. A suit will always look good on a man, that part is true but only if that suit fits the man properly. Regardless of how good or new a suit may be, if it does not fit its wearer properly, it will look at best, out of place and at worst, sloppy. Certainly a man can wear a suit to most occasions and look appropriately dressed but not if the suit does not fit. Some trendy mens suits melbourne and other places can be bought off the rack but if they are, they should be taken to a tailor to ensure they are altered to fit properly. Often, even if a man has had a suit made to measure, they take the tailor’s word that it fits correctly as they do not really know what to look for to make sure that it does. Here are some pointers to put you on the right track when inspecting a tailor made suit or a tailor adjusted suit, for correct fit.

Starting with the trouser length, that should reach the shoes but only just, it should not be longer than where the heel of the shoe starts, certainly it should not touch the floor. It the back of the trouser leg is level with the start of the heel, the front should have no more than one wrinkle where the shoe stops the front of the trousers reaching its full length. The seat of the trousers should smoothly drape over the man’s rear end, regardless of how large that rear end may be but neither should there be a ‘V’ at the crotch. The jacket has several points that should be checked to ensure that the suit will fit right and look good. Starting with the sleeves, the sleeve should only reach the point where the thumb meets the wrist, no longer but it must reach that far. The length of the jacket itself should be measured with your arms by your sides.

When stood with your arms by your sides, the jacket should be level with the knuckles of your hand. Often a jacket of a suit is too tight and tell-tale signs of this is an ‘X’ forming around a button when it I done up or a large expanse of shirt showing in a triangular shape above the trousers, having said that though, the jacket should fit snuggly over the chest and not be too loose fitting. The position of the jacket’s buttons should be that on double button suit jacket, the top button is not lower than the navel and with a three button jacket; the middle button is no lower than the navel. The seam joining the shoulder of the jacket to its arm, should be located at the same point as the bones meet beneath the jacket and the seam at the top should run above the bone, not protruding further than it does.

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