We’ve got you covered with our bath sheets

qxun bath sheets

Ever wondered why there are bath sheets and then there are bath towels? Well, you use one to wrap around your body after your bath or shower (for men, it is often wrapped around the waist) and the other is for drying yourself after you step out of the bath. Our towels and linens are all top quality. Only 100% pure cotton is used. They are super absorbent and will dry you in a nifty. Plushness, comfort and softness are essential qualities that you will find in all our towels.

If you are looking for our large size bath sheets, for example, you can browse through our online catalogue at http://www.thetowelshop.co.uk/face-cloths
. They come in standard sizes of 150 cm by 100 cm. You can choose from a variety of colour – red, wine, dark green, aubergine, cream, white, navy blue and many others.

Our bath sheets are made of the highest quality cotton, that is carded cotton and ring spun cotton. Their durability is derived from the many stages of production that leaves the cotton materials soft and plush. If you have ever used another brand of bath towels or sheets, you will know the difference when you use ours. Some of the products that are sold elsewhere do not last as long as ours in terms of softness and durability. Our towels do not lose the plushness after many uses and washing. They do not become scratchy after some time like some others do.

Large size bath sheets are most appropriate if you want a towel that is large enough to wrap around yourself after a shower or bath so that you could linger while applying your make-up and as for the men, to shave. These large size towels are also good to use as alternatives to the normal sized bath towels when the latter are not adequate to dry you after your bath. With a larger sized towel such as the bath sheet, it can cover more areas of your body in a shorter time so that drying yourself after a nice warm bath will make you feel fresh and clean.

Bath sheets can also be used if you are heading to the beach or for a swim in the pool. They are excellent as a body wrap and you do not have to look for a bath robe which is more expensive. Furthermore, the bath sheet can double up as a towel when you get wet from splashing in the pool. On the beach, why not also use it to spread over the area which you want to lie down for that much deserved siesta under the sun? There is much you can do with bath sheets. Once they have reached their due dates (that is when they are past their prime), they are ideal for mopping up the floor or for use as a rag in the kitchen. Perhaps even as a floor mat in the bathroom. So you see we have you all covered with our bath sheets.

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